Frequently Asked Questions

How does Proxy shipping work?

Proxy shipping is only currently available and will only appear for Singaporean and Australian addresses. If you choose the proxy shipping option, your order will be grouped together with other proxy orders. The grouped proxy orders will be sent in one package via DHL Express to my proxy partner in your country.

For SINGAPORE customers – Proxy shipping is a flat rate, your order will be shipped to you without additional contact!

For AUSTRALIAN customers – Once my proxy receives the package, they will contact you to collect payment for local shipping + divided cost of DHL shipping. The final cost of shipping is dependent on the amount of orders in the proxy shipment, however, total shipping ends up being significantly less than direct shipping, about $5-$10. Once you’ve made your payment, the proxy will ship out your order!

How do I order a product? What types of sales do you have?

Raffle Sales – These are the majority of how my sales will be run. You submit an entry into the sale, and when the sale closes, a limited amount of entries will be chosen to receive an invoice! Once you receive the invoice via email, you will have 24 hours to clear it. If you need additional time to pay, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to grant you an extension. If you fail to clear the invoice within the allowed time, your invoice will be canceled and you will gain a negative mark on your account. If you accumulate too many negative marks, you risk being blacklisted from all sales.

Fulfillment Sales – These sales happen only a few times throughout the year. These sales are your best chance to order our products! Fulfillment sales are open for a limited time, however if you place an order on a fulfillment sale, you will receive the product that you order! Fulfillment sales typically take longer to ship, about 2-3 months.

In Stock – Anything displayed as “In Stock” on our store page is available to order right away!

How long until my order is shipped?

Current lead times are as follows

Raffle Sales: 3-4 weeks
Fulfillment Sales: 2-3 months
In Stock: 3-5 days

Fulfillment sales do not affect current lead times.

Where can I check for updates on products?

We are working on it! In the meantime, to view the status of closed sales, join our discord server and check the #pipeline channel for the latest updates.

Can I combine shipping?

We will not be combining shipments at this time.