Raffle Sale | Gingerbread

95 USD

There’s only one thing more festive than downing several glasses of eggnog, and that’s decorating gingerbread cookies!

Looks like Bean and Miru both tried their hands at piping bag and decorated each other pretty well, don’t you agree?

Gingerbread raffle sale will be live December 10th @ 6pm est for 24 hours.

Caps this sale:
🍪 Gingerbread Bean
🍪 Gingerbread Miru

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If you win, you will have 24 hours from when you receive the invoice to pay it. If you fail to pay in time, your invoice will be canceled and you risk being banned from future sales. If you need additional time to pay, please contact us!

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All caps are made of 100% resin, nothing is painted.

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