Raffle Sale | Tiramisu

95 USD

Who doesn’t love a well made tiramisu? These delicious caps were made with the finest ingredients in the world, so fine that you’re not allowed to eat them, please don’t eat them.

This week’s colorway is in collaboration with GMK Tiramisu, designed by JohnYYZ.

This is a 24 hour raffle
Raffle sale ends July 31st @ 6PM EST

Caps in this sale:

☕ Tiramisu Bean

Raffle Ended
Raffle Sale

Completing the form enters you into the raffle for a chance to win the opportunity to order the cap(s) you’ve selected.

Payment Window

If you win, you will have 24 hours from when you receive the invoice to pay it. If you fail to pay in time, your invoice will be canceled and you risk being banned from future sales. If you need additional time to pay, please contact us!

Individually Handmade

All caps are made of 100% resin, nothing is painted.

Lead Time

Lead time for this product is about 2-3 weeks. You can check your order status in our updates page.

All Sales Final

No refunds or exchanges. No exceptions.